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Buying or Selling Houses: Why to Hire a Professional Realtor

If you are a home owner or aspiring to be one, I know that you have or at least contemplated hiring a professional. Usually the thought process relies on the fees you might possibly save. Although selling a house can be rewarding, hiring an agent can be an even bigger one. Ask yourself the question, am I really saving anything by not hiring a professional? Here are our top 5 reasons to hire a professional Realtor.


Real Estate professionals are just that, professionals. They know the ins and outs of the real estate market. Not only do they have years of experience to share, but they are also educated and continue to educate themselves in their profession. Going to school and having dealt with different kinds of scenarios will definitely help you in your real estate process in addition to having their experience in what a transaction entails such as high-priced sellers, loan officers that delay your purchase, demanding buyers, and other tedious individuals that may affect your transaction. Whether you are selling or buying, you may want to make sure you can rely on a professional that can handle this situation.


Realtors can help you determine your situation on selling or buying your home depending on the market value. Market values can vary, depending on where the house is located, the square footage of the home, the cost of similar homes, the days the home has been on the market, and comparing sold prices, among many other factors. You want to make sure you know and understand these conditions, and an experienced Realtor can help you with that.


The greatest reason to have a Realtor at your side is for negotiations.  The agent’s purpose is to help protect their clients and to act as the middle-man. In negotiations, they can remove themselves from the emotional situation you have for the home because they are skilled. You want to make sure you receive the best price, and real estate professionals can help by protecting their client’s information and interest.


Although the internet now seems to have all the information you may need, one definite thing you must not trust from the internet is fill in the blank forms to sell your home. It is very important all the legal disclosures are given to the buyer before a sale is accepted. Years ago, the document was one page long, now it is 10 pages, not including additional disclosures and addendums during the transaction. If these disclosures and contracts are not properly expressed, you may fall into some legal issues.


For Sale By Owner might save you commision money by not hiring a Realtor, but aside from possible legal issues, you may not realize this will be like taking a second job. It is time consuming trying to market your own home and if you have a full-time job already, this may be a responsibility you may not want to take on to save a few thousand. It may become stressful and can take affect on your job or free time. A Realtor has professional networking and marketing tools that make this easier on you to guarantee you find a qualified buyer.

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