Military Home Buyer & PCS Relocation Information

This information will help us create a specialized search to assist you in finding your dream home. Please provide as much information as you feel comfortable with. In particular, the “Finding Your Dream Home” section will help us really custom-tailor your search. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Full Name:

What is the service member(s) rank?

Are you? Active DutyRetiredReserveDependant
If others please specify:

Where are you currently stationed?

What branch of service?

Home Address:




Cell Phone:

Home Phone:

Work Phone Buyer #1:

Fax Number:

Email Address:
BUYER #2 (If Applicable)
Full Name:

Cell Phone:

Work Phone Buyer #2:

Home Address:

Property Address 2:




Email Address:

Are you? Active DutyRetiredReserveDependant
If others please specify:
Contact Preferences
Do you have a person you would prefer me to use as the main contact? YesNo

If yes, who is the preferred contact?

When are the best times for me to contact you?
Sunday: YesNo Time:

Monday: YesNo Time:

Tuesday: YesNo Time:

Wednesday: YesNo Time:

Thursday: YesNo Time:

Friday: YesNo Time:

Saturday: YesNo Time:
May I contact you at work? YesNo
PCS Information
Do you have an In-Transit Telephone Number?

Is this phone number a: RelativePersonalCell
If others please specify:

1. Do you already have orders to Joint Base Lewis-McChord? YesNo

2. If not, have you received an RFO or "pending orders"? YesNo

3. What is (or will be) your report date to Joint Base Lewis-McChord?

4. Are you planning a special house-hunting trip? YesNo

If "Yes", What is your Planned: Arrival Date:

If "No", skip to Question #9 Departure Date:

5. Would you be flying or driving here to house-hunt?

6. Will any family members or pets be accompanying you on your trip? If so, please list: YesNo

7. What are your goals during your househunting trip? (i.e. write a contract if we find the right home, just "look", etc.)

8. Do you know where you'll be staying during your househunting trip?

9. Do you plan to house-hunt once you PCS here permanently? YesNo

If "Yes", when do you anticipate arriving? (Date)

10. When would you like to begin house-hunting? (Date)

11. What are your Pack-Out Dates?

12. Your Moving Dates?
Are you a first time home buyer? YesNo

Do you currently rent, lease or live on base? YesNo

If leasing, when does your lease expire?

If you own, do you have to sell your current home before you purchase your new home? YesNo

If yes, is your home currently listed? YesNo

Have you worked with a Realtor® before? YesNo

If yes, how was that experience?

Have you begun looking for a home on your own? YesNo

If so, what steps have you taken? (i.e. Internet, driving around, newspaper, etc.)?

Are you married? YesNo

If so, how many years?

Anniversary Date:

How many children do you have?

May I have their names?
#1 Birthdate

#2 Birthdate

#3 Birthdate

#4 Birthdate
Do you have any hobbies you would like to share?

Do you have any pets? YesNo

Types of pets:

Pets Names:
Finding Your Dream Home
To help you achieve your goals in relation to buying a home, we need to ask you some questions that will help us understand how we can best serve you. What is the primary reason you are interested in finding a new home?

What time frame do you have for purchasing your new home?

What is your plan if you don't find a home in that time frame? (i.e. stay in billeting, with family, etc.)

Ideally, what date would you like to MOVE INTO your new home?

What is the basic price range you would like to stay within?

Our mission is to stay within your "comfort zone". Because lenders will often pre-approve you for far more than you would ever wish to spend on a home, we like to ask what is the maximum amount you would want to spend on your home to stay within your desired budget?

What are the basic requirements you have for your home:

Square footage:

# Stories:

# Bedrooms:

Is one of the bedrooms for visiting guests? YesNo

# Bathrooms:

Is a FINISHED Basement a necessity? YesNo

Is a Garage a necessity? YesNo

If yes, do you need a 2 car, 3 car, RV space, etc.?

Is the age of the home a factor? (i.e. only new construction, historic, under 10 years old, etc.) If so, please clarify:

Please rate the importance of each feature that you would like in your home.
Choose the number that best fits your desires: (1 - Not Important - 5 - Very Important)

Fireplace: 12345

Entertainment Area: 12345

Family Room: 12345

Carpet Color: 12345

Basement: 12345

Open Feeling: 12345

Family Neighborhood: 12345

Dining Room: 12345

Location: 12345

Close to Work: 12345

Close to Schools: 12345

Closet Space: 12345

Den: 12345

Modern Kitchen: 12345

Pool / Spa: 12345

Garage: 12345

Large Yard: 12345

Bonus Room: 12345

Privacy: 12345

Fenced Yard: 12345

Wooded Lot: 12345

Close to Shopping: 12345

Are there any other special features that you would like or need in your home? Please list "NC" for "no compromise" & "B" for "bonus" (ie. would be great, but not a necessity)
Describe Your Ideal Dream Home
Please describe your ideal home (i.e. floor plan, decor, yard, etc.)

Tell me about your lifestyle. What do you see yourself doing in your new home? (Entertaining, relaxing, raising a family, etc.)

Do you have any special school requirements? (School district, public vs. private, etc.)

What do you feel will be the key factors in your purchasing decision? (Price, terms, location, etc)

Are there certain cities in which you would prefer to live in?

If so, what attracted you to this area?

Is it important to you to live near other military families? YesNo

How long do you plan to live in your new home?
Help Us Help You
Our goal is to help make buying your home a positive experience.
These questions are designed to make sure we assist in fully preparing you prior to your arrival.

Is there anything that you would like to share which you feel might be helpful in our working relationship together?

Do you understand how the real estate MLS service works? YesNo

Do you understand my commission is paid through the seller, not by you? YesNo

Will all parties involved in the home buying process be present? YesNo

If not, do you have a power of attorney for your spouse? YesNo

After I have shown you a number of homes that are close, but not quite the one you are looking for, and you walk into an Open House being held by another agent and decide "this is the home", what would you do?
Ask the agent at the open house to write up the offer. OrCall and ask me to write up an offer on the home?

Upon meeting your expectations, are you willing to commit to working only with me to help you find a home? YesNo

Financial Information
In order to help you obtain the best interest rates & terms, I need to gather some financial information.
This will allow me to explore all options and to expedite your loan once we have located the right home for you.
Providing this information is at your discretion and will be held in total confidence.
Do you currently have a lender? YesNo

If yes, may I ask whom?

Are you pre-approved for a loan? YesNo

If yes, how much?

Would you like me to recommend a mortgage representative that could pre-qualify you and go over exactly what you need to get the best rates and terms to pre-qualify? YesNo

If yes, when would be a good time for a loan representative to call you?

Do you understand how financing a home works? YesNo

Do you understand how closing costs work? YesNo

Loan Origination fees? YesNo

Title Insurance? YesNo

Earnest Money (also referred to as a "Good Faith Deposit")? YesNo

What forms of financing are you considering to use when purchasing a home?
Fixed Rate: YesNo

Variable Rate: YesNo

F.H.A. YesNo

V.A. YesNo

Conventional: YesNo

Cash: YesNo

May I ask how you heard about me?

If you were referred by someone, may we please have their name so we can personally thank them?

Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

Type the characters you see in the picture above

* Your name and email address are required, so please be sure your email address is entered accurately. By submitting this form with your telephone number you are consenting for Joe Haughey and authorized representatives to contact you even if your name is on the Federal “Do-not-call List.”

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