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So, you’re selling your home? The floors are done, the paint is fresh and the fixtures are all contemporary and fully functional. Your home is ready to sell or is it? What else could you possibly need? Oh no! Don’t sell without a realtor.

In essence, you could choose to list your home on Ebay with a few polished photos, the cost and wait on the calls and emails to start pouring in.  Once you’ve found a buyer, have them send you the money and BOOM…your house is sold!  Only, if it were that easy and because there is so much more to the process, you should clearly use a realtor.

Hiring a realtor to sell your home will help you alleviate the chance of costly mistakes.  Unless selling homes is your profession, there are probably a few things that you aren’t completely knowledgeable of and a realtor can help in this area.  The expertise and knowledge of a realtor can possibly increase the selling price of your home by helping you to realize the true value of your home. 

If you decide to sell without a realtor, once the negotiation and contract phase rolls around, there could be massive amounts of confusion and feelings of frustrations. Years ago, the home buying process was a bit more simple but now the legal disclosures, contract agreements and other legal documents are so intense, that one slip up could have you purchasing the home that you intended to sell. It sounds funny but trust me, definitely not a funny feeling when it happens.

Sell Your Home the “Real”tor Way 

Realtors are professionally trained to help you avoid any contract and negotiation mishaps that could lead to a lifetime of disaster. They are aware of the state and federal mandates that must be met during the selling of your home and will work with you to ensure that they are all met. 

Don’t be misled by faulty commission myths that encourage you to find realtors to sell your home for commission amounts less than 6%.  Keep in mind, in most cases the commission amount is divided among other parties, which decreases the amount your realtor actually gets. 

The seller who attempts to pay less in commission is doing himself an injustice as it primarily restricts the incentives that other agents have to bring buyers to your home because your realtor has limited funds available to market your home.  Agents are motivated to show homes of sellers who are motivated to sell and offering a small commission doesn’t say “I’m motivated to sell.” If you believe in the value of your home, place an equal value on the quality and effort given of your realtor.

Do you see the difference in a “For Sale by Owner” and a “For Sale by Realtor?” Call me today for information on selling your home!

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