Selling My Home was a Breeze

How many of you consider selling your home but when the thought of the long drawn out process crosses your mind, you immediately lose interest? Well, that’s understandable but I must admit, selling your home isn’t as intense or stressful as you most assume. Yes, there’s the red tape and of course the waiting, but you’ll manage to make it through that part with ease, thanks to the expertise of the realtor who will help you sell your home.

It’s also helpful to become acquainted with the listing documents for selling your home. Your realtor will make these available to you as they will include the listing contract and disclosures for the property and agency.  This may sound a bit overwhelming but it’s actually just the coin that gets the ball rolling. These are the documents that say, “Hey, I’m ready to sell my home.”

You’ll find the decision to enlist the services of a realtor to be the best one of your life. Let’s face it, realtors are experts in the field of home sales and they are the liaison between your home and individuals in the buyer’s market. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that realtors typically have access to multiple listing options. Besides, how many people do you think the For Sale by Owner sign will actually draw in?

Hey, another benefit of your realtor is that he has the potential to generate tons of individuals who are interested in your home. Yes, you get to sit back and watch others in a bidding war to get the home of their dreams. Buyers are eager to purchase, but they assume that you are eager to accept less than your listing price. When in essence, they are usually willing to pay more than they offer. Be gutsy but don’t be arrogant.

Once all of the details have been inked at closing, you’ve found that the process wasn’t half bad after all. In fact, you sold your home at a great price and was better than pleased with the outcome.  Rest assured, closing at title offers a bit more comfort because the title company is there to oversee that all documents are in legal order before the deal closes. Believe me when I say, this is crucial to your health, because one slip of the pin could take your breath away and not in a good sense.

Now that you’ve gotten your house sold, what do you do next? Well, that’s the fun part. It’s time for you to pack up and move. Don’t worry, the new owners won’t be standing at the door with key in hand before you’re out, unless of course you fail to negotiate a move out time that works for both parties. Be sure to put these terms in writing. You wouldn’t want to be evicted from your former home by its new owner.


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